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Writing in Translation
an online workshop with Catapult
January 2017



An Interview with Heather Cleary and Margaret Carson
Eric Becker for Asymptote, 2014

The Heather Cleary Interview
Stephen Sparks for The Quarterly Conversation, 2012


Past events:

Readings of Florencia Werchowsky’s No-tell Motel
KGB Bar and the Hi-Fi Reading Series, 2016

“Chile and Argentina in Translation”
ALTA Annual Conference, 2016

“How to Share an Author: Ethics and Etiquette”
ALTA Annual Conference, 2016

Literary Magazine Editors Roundtable
New York Circle of Translators Annual Meeting, 2016

Book presentation: Retrato de Mussolini con familia with Mario Bellatin
McNally Jackson Bookstore, New York City 2016

“The Bridge Series: Breaking In” (video)
The Center for Fiction, New York City 2016

Book presentation: The Things We Don’t Do with Andrés Neuman
McNally Jackson Bookstore, New York City 2015

“Wrong Turns: Making Mistakes in Translation” as co-organizer and panelist
ALTA Annual Conference, 2015

“Digital Translation Journals as Innovators”
ALTA Annual Conference, 2015

“Translating on the Edge” as panel co-organizer and moderator
PEN World Voices Festival, 2014

“The Art of Getting Lost (in translation)” with Sergio Chejfec
Boston University Translation Seminar, 2014