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Comemadre by Roque Larraquy // fiction
(Coffee House Press 2018)



Ikigai cover

Ikigai by Frances Miralles and Héctor García // non-fiction
(Penguin Random House 2017)





Sociophobia by César Rendueles // non-fiction
(Columbia University Press 2017)

“Sociophobia is already a landmark book in the Spanish-language world. With his contrarian perspective on the emancipatory capability of social networks, copyleft, and other forms of activism in the digital era, Rendueles will have a major impact on global debates about technology and postcapitalism.”

—Ignacio Sánchez Prado, Washington University in St. Louis



Poems to Read on a Streetcar by Oliverio Girondo // poetry
(New Directions 2014)

Recipient, Programa SUR Translation Grant
Recipient, PEN Translation Fund Grant

“A book should be made like a watch and sold like a sausage.”
—Oliverio Girondo

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DarkThe Dark by Sergio Chejfec // fiction
(Open Letter Books 2013)

Nominee, National Translation Award

… reviewed by Justin Alvarez for Music & Literature
… reviewed by Kristine Rabberman for Rain Taxi
… reviewed by P.T. Smith for BOMB 
… reviewed by David Varno for Words Without Borders
reviewed by Tara Olmstead for Necessary Fiction


PlanetsThe Planets by Sergio Chejfec // fiction
(Open Letter Books 2012)

Finalist, Best Translated Book Award

… reviewed by Chris Cumming for BOMB
reviewed by Jordan Anderson for The Coffin Factory
reviewed by Mythili G. Rao for Words Without Borders


CosmologicalCosmological Me by Luis Correa Díaz // poetry
(El fin de la noche 2009)







Coming soon:

Mrs. Murakami’s Garden by Mario Bellatin (Phoneme Media) // fiction

Don’t Send Flowers by Martín Solares (Grove/Atlantic) // fiction

Los incompletos by Sergio Chejfec (Open Letter Books) // fiction

How to Draw a Novel by Martín Solares (Grove/Atlantic) // non-fiction


Works in other volumes (selected):

“My Country, O My Country” by Efraín Huerta and “Ancestors” by Guadalupe Nettel (Village Voice 2016)

“Torres-García’s Other Workshop” by Sergio Chejfec (MoMA Publications 2015)

“Interiors” by Andrea Maturana (A Public Space 2015)
– Named “Story of the Week” by Ploughshares

Excerpt from Florencia Werchowsky’s No-Tell Motel (Two Lines 2015)

“Banbury Road” by Liliana Colanzi (Michigan Quarterly Review 2015)

“Four Stories by Pablo Katchadjian” (Make Magazine 2015)

Fiction by Abilio Estévez, Evelio Rosero, and José María Merino for A Thousand Forests in One Acorn (Open Letter 2014)

“Nocturnes” by Oliverio Girondo (Stonecutter 2014)

Fiction and essays by Liliana Colanzi, Giovanna Rivero, and others (Review, the magazine of the Americas Society, 2013-present)

Excerpt from Sergio Chejfec’s The Dark (The Coffin Factory 2012)

Interviews with Carlos Fuentes, Chavela Vargas, Jorge Volpi, and others, for Revealing Mexico (Melcher / PowerHouse Books 2010)

“Tropes” and “Requiem in Living White” by Oliverio Girondo (Two Lines 2010)