the dramatic experience

Sergio Chejfec’s had a busy year. In the States, he’s been traveling from coast to coast for My Two Worlds (trans. M. Carson), which was nominated for a Best Translated Book Award back in February, and teaching with NYU’s Creative Writing in Spanish MFA program. And then there’s the latest novel, La experiencia dramática, which … More the dramatic experience

Alan Pauls is a liar.

An interesting news item from one of the roving cronistas at Ñ,  who attended a session of last week’s Ibero-American Festival of New Narrative in Ushuaia, Argentina – aka “the end of the Earth” (have you ever seen anything more beautiful?). “It may be,” begins Andrés Hax, that the most interesting question one can ask … More Alan Pauls is a liar.

The Tuesday Video Clip: Pablo Katchadjian

Who is Pablo Katchadjian? Good question. For a while, I thought he might be an invention of César Aira, who has advocated his project in the Argentine press. It turns out, though, that the poet who rewrote  José Hernández’ Martín Fierro line by line (all 2,316 of them) in alphabetical order does indeed exist. For … More The Tuesday Video Clip: Pablo Katchadjian