Calling all translators!


Well, all literary translators working from Spanish to English who can be in NYC on March 31, 2017.

I’m thrilled to have been invited by conference organizer Mónica Ríos to develop a translation colloquium within AFest, an extraordinary international gathering of women who write in Spanish across Americas, which will explore the connection between gender and literature as a space for political dissent.

The principal objectives of the four-day conference are: to develop frameworks for, and vehicles of, collaborations between women writers; create strategies for disseminating poetics and modes of reading that flourish in Latin America but—as a result of what Ríos has termed “market censorship” (in contrast to the state variety)—have not circulated with equal force in the United States; and foster creative exchange across disciplines. These conversations and interventions, begun at an historic conference on women’s writing that took place in Santiago de Chile in 1987, are as urgent today as ever.

The translation colloquium will echo these principles by fostering conversation and collaboration among different generations and perspectives, and by creating greater visibility for the invited authors among readers of English.

Here are the specs:

A select group of emerging translators will be matched with established mentors and given texts written by the invited authors to translate. This process will begin in January, to allow the translators ample time to prepare drafts for discussion with their authors and mentors before the event in March.

The event will begin with a roundtable discussion of the state of literary exchange between Spanish and English and reflections on diverse aspects of the concept of “generation” as it relates to translation. The translators will then share their work in a bilingual reading and comment briefly on their process.

After the conference, the translations will be published as a bilingual dossier that will include selections from the correspondence between the translators, mentors, and authors, along with a transcript of the roundtable discussion.

If you would like to participate in AFest’s translation colloquium as a mentor, or as one of our four mentored translators, send me a message via the contact page of this site or to (right away / no later than Friday, December 23).

I look forward to hearing from you!